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Community Education and Outreach

Willow Tree Hospice offers the following inclusive, educational & interactive programs that are appropriate for anyone. It is at no cost to you and we can tailor programs for the needs of your specific group or audience.

Let us help educate our community and provide support to those in need.

For more information or to schedule dates for one program or a series, please call our office at 610-444-8733

1. Eldercare…It’s not easy

An interactive discussion related to care of the elderly: problems, challenges, tips and resources for managing this often stressful situation.

2. Pathways through Grief – Grief & Loss

Loss takes many forms and affects all of us. We lose parents, spouses, children,
pets, jobs, friends and we need all the help we can find to navigate this process.
This presentation/discussion is designed to help you find your way through this
often painful process.

3. What about me? – An understanding of Self Care

Do you think taking care of yourself is selfish? Think again, this discussion
highlights the need for all individuals whether you are a caregiver or not
to take care or your own needs first.

4. Navigating the Healthcare System…Taking the wheel

Healthcare in the United States is a complicated system that requires an understanding of available resources in order to maintain health. This presentation/discussion is designed to help you recognize what options are available to maximize your well being.

5. Demystifying Hospice

This is a discussion based on clearing up the misunderstandings when one hears the word "Hospice." We will discuss the reasons for learning about this generous and misunderstood benefit.